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Welshpool Mid Wales Airport lies in the beautiful Severn valley and is on the edge of some of the most stunning open flying country anywhere in the UK.


Developed from the 1990s onwards, the airport is now a home for numerous business and light aircraft. It is also the base for the Mid Wales Air Ambulance. Here you can get lessons and gain a licence flying helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and microlights. You could also just come along and watch the comings and goings of a busy general aviation hub.

New cafe service

We are pleased to announce a new cafe service at Mid-Wales Airport. Jo Lewis has joined us and has an exciting menu prepared for all our visitors.

Jo’s menu includes:

  • All day breakfasts
  • Bacon baps
  • Soup of the day
  • A selection of panini and toasted sandwiches
  • A variety of cakes, scones and flapjacks

The cafe service is currently open on weekends from 12pm-3pm. Out of hours, hot and cold drinks, cakes and other snacks are available. The cafe service maybe extended through the week if there is sufficient demand.

We look forward to seeing you.

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Partly Cloudy

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