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Welshpool Mid Wales Airport lies in the beautiful Severn valley and is on the edge of some of the most stunning open flying country anywhere in the UK.


Developed from the 1990s onwards, the airport is now a home for numerous business and light aircraft. It is also the base for the Mid Wales Air Ambulance. Here you can get lessons and gain a licence flying helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and microlights. You could also just come along and watch the comings and goings of a busy general aviation hub.

Final Vulcan flights

It has been confirmed that the year's Bob Jones Memorial Airshow will be one of the last times the Vulcan XH558 will be seen flying.

The Vulcan To The Sky Trust have anounced that the Vulcan will be retired in August. Having extended its life for two years, the trust has found it increasingly difficult to obtain engineers with experience of the Vulcan and knowledge of how to maintain this one of a kind.

The Vulcan was designed for the Cold War as a way of delivering the UK's nuclear arsenal, however ballistic technology and changing geo-politics meant that the Vulcan struggled to find a new place in the country's defenses. This did not stop its use in the Falklands War, where herioc pilots guided it across nearly 8000 miles of Atlantic Ocean to help regain the islands.

The Vulcan To The Sky Trust intend to retire the Vulcan to a Vulcan Aviation Academy and Heritage Centre to "inspire and educate new generations".

The Vulcan's visit to Welshpool on 14th June will be a full display, giving attendees a memorable spectacle and a chance to say goodbye to this iconic aircraft.

For more information on the efforts to keep the Vulcan flying, please visit Vulcan To The Sky.

For details on this year's airshow, including the new car parking arrangements, please visit its dedicated website.