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Welshpool Mid Wales Airport lies in the beautiful Severn valley and is on the edge of some of the most stunning open flying country anywhere in the UK.


Developed from the 1990s onwards, the airport is now a home for numerous business and light aircraft. It is also the base for the Mid Wales Air Ambulance. Here you can get lessons and gain a licence flying helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and microlights. You could also just come along and watch the comings and goings of a busy general aviation hub.

Shooting season

This year's shooting season is on its way and Mid-Wales Airport is there for those who want to enjoy it in style.


The nearby Bettws Hall shoot is world-renowned and attracts those looking for the finest experiences. Helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft bring passengers from across Europe to just a short ride from the shooting lodges. Powis Estates are also near-by, offering shoots in the grounds of Powis Castle.

Aircraft can be parked overnight, refuelled and prepared so that they can depart immediately once guests arrive at the airport. Charter helicopters can even take passengers on the last leg of their journey.

Shoot - walk

Mid-Wales Airport is a licensed airport and we are always happy to assist those who need out-of-hours access and runway lights are available.

For information on how we can help you in your visit to Mid-Wales Airport call us on 01938 555560 or send us an email.

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