Apache Attack Helicopter drops in

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Military aircraft visiting Welshpool airport is a very familiar sight, we are lucky to see aircraft from all forces on a regular basis, however last Friday morning was something rather special.

We had a call on the radio from Army Air Corps Westland WAH -64D Apache. It had reported an electrical fault which they were trying to resolve and requested to drop into us to try and clear the problem. Unable to clear the issue themselves initially they shut down on the apron and waited for their team of engineers & security to arrive.

The state of the art £25 million gunship remained with us on the ground until around 5pm later that afternoon. As you can imagine, it attracted lots of attention but the crew were more than happy to show people around the aircraft and explain it’s role in service. This particular aircraft (ZJ211) was licensed built under Boeing and entered service in 2011. The Apache attack helicopter is designed to hunt and destroy tanks in all weathers day or night and after chatting with the crew, it’s definitely not a aircraft you want to get on the wrong side of!

Photography by Brian Nicholas