Womens’ balloon photos

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This year's ballooning has begun in earnest as the women ballooners showed that you don't need a propeller to take to the sky. The aviatrixes lined their balloons along the runway each morning before scattering across the valley. The clear blue skies and graceful balloons were a photographer's dream.

The hot air balloons return next weekend with the one-man hoppers.

Photography - Brian Nicholas and Dave Jones

Hot air balloons

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Between loop-the-loops and TV helicopters chasing after rally cars, aviation at Mid-Wales Airport has been a bit frantic lately. It’s time to slow it down a bit and take in our surroundings.

October therefore welcomes an invasion of hot air balloons – courtesy of Gone With The Wind. These gentle giants will arrive in Welshpool in two waves – starting with the Women’s Balloon Event on the weekend of 5-7 October.

This is followed by the One Man Hopper Meet from 12-14 October, where over 30 balloons are expected. One Man Hoppers (or Cloudhoppers) are the latest craze in ballooning where the relative comfort of a picnic basket is replaced by a steel frame and a safety harness. Maybe it won’t be so relaxing after all!

Summons of the Grummans

The 7th annual Grumman fly-in was hosted by Mid-Wales Airport on 8 & 9 September.

Organised by Graham Baker, the weekend saw aircraft arriving from around the UK and beyond. Of course it's hard work flying across the country so after a pub lunch, the group returned to the airport where fish and chips had been laid on. At least they won't go home complaining they weren't fed!

Photography - Brian Nicholas

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