New cafe service

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We are pleased to announce a new cafe service at Mid-Wales Airport. Jo Lewis has joined us and has an exciting menu prepared for all our visitors.

Jo’s menu includes:

  • All day breakfasts
  • Bacon baps
  • Soup of the day
  • A selection of panini and toasted sandwiches
  • A variety of cakes, scones and flapjacks

The cafe service is currently open on weekends from 12pm-3pm. Out of hours, hot and cold drinks, cakes and other snacks are available. The cafe service maybe extended through the week if there is sufficient demand.

We look forward to seeing you.


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In July, Welshpool held a fly-in from Shobdon Aerodrome with seventeen aircraft in attendance ranging from a 1939 De Havilland DH 94 Moth Minor to a Scottish Aviation Bull Dog.

Photography by Brian Nicholas

Captain America

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While Captain America has many super powers, flight is not one of them. It is only right therefore that he keeps an aircraft at Welshpool. Captain America wasn't willing to talk to us about his secret mission but we have no doubt this incredible adventure was worth of a third film.

Thanks to Toby Jones for the photos.

Puff the magic dragon

Puff the magic dragon

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Thanks to Peter Greenrod who spotted a Welsh Dragon in the skies. Just like the bat-signal is was proudly displaying itself above the airport to welcome visiting aircraft. If only we could find a way to make it stay…

Aerobatics day photos

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Thank you to all those who took part in the aerobatics day. Despite the occasional showers, we had an excellent flying day and Bob Pooler was busy with requests for flights. Plus the hog beef roast went down a treat!

Photography - Brian Nicholas

Aerobatics day

Open_day_-_website_-_09Aerobatics return to Welshpool Mid-Wales Airport on 8 September. Following his wonderful display at the Bob Jones Memorial Air Show, Bob Pooler will once again wow spectators as he twists and turns his Slingsby Firefly. On top of that you can even join Bob Pooler and experience flying upside down like you never thought possible.

Open_day_-_website_-_03Once you are on the ground (after the flight may be best) we’ll entertain your taste buds as we fire up the barbecue and hog roast. There’ll even be a bouncy castle to keep the young ones entertained! All are welcome – you don’t have to be an aviator to experience this great day. The events start at 11am and go on through the afternoon.

For details and the opportunity to fly with Bob Pooler call the airport on 01938 555560. As a taster, here is Bob Pooler in action.

Non-equity shares

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Basing yourself at Welshpool brings some wonderful flying experiences. But what do you do when you don’t have your own plane? At Mid-Wales Airport there are a number of aircraft shares available and we now offer non-equity shares in a Cessna 172.

G-BPRM Cessna 172 at Welshpool
Non-equity shares are a great way to get your hands on an aircraft without having to worry about finding capital or long-term commitments. The rates are £80 per month plus £80 per tacho hour and with a small group the airplane is readily available. The Cessna 172 is a great touring plane and the comfortable four-seater design makes it great for trips with friends and families.

If you would like to join this non-equity group please send us an email or call on 01938 555560.

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