Spruce Moose

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This weekend we welcomed visitors who have come all the way from Canada. Their Mooney M20F started in Ottawa before travelling to Greenland, Iceland, Scotland and finally arriving in Welshpool. These odyssean pilots haven't finished though, as they now head for Lille, Austria and Germany before returning to Canada.

Airshow 2016 – thank you!

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Thank you to all of those who came to the Bob Jones Memorial Airshow. It was a shame that the British weather was not with us this year, but it was great to see some wonderful displays. Thanks to all the volunteers for all their hard work. We hope to see you again next year!

Photograph by Brian Nicholas

Flying into the airshow

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A limited number of places are available to those who wish to fly into this year’s Bob Jones Memorial Airshow on Sunday 19th June 2016.

You will need to gain PPR by telephone on 01938 555560 or via email at least 48 hours in advance. Please note that we can only accept visiting aircraft before any RA(T) which may be set up for flying displays. Please see NOTAMS for this. In addition, no movements will be allowed until after the last flying display has cleared (around 5pm), at which time there will be a queuing system for departing aircraft. You will not be able to remain airside for the duration of the airshow (i.e. you must enter the showground).

For further details, please contact us here.

Airshow 2016 line-up

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The line-up has now been confirmed for this year's Bob Jones Memorial Airshow, with a great mixture of returning favourites and some new surprises.

This year we have a strong WW2 theme, including the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. We are very pleased to have pulled off the last flying B-16 in Europe. We will also be welcoming a Fairey Swordfish, a biplane that was active in many naval battles - including the sinking of the Bismarck Battleship in 1941. Plus, no airshow would be complete without the Battle of Britain Display - this year featuring the Lancaster Bomber, Spitfire and Hurricane.

The allied aircraft will be facing off the Messerschmitt BF109 fighter and the Old Bückers, this year in new Luftwaffe Livery.

Want something more modern? Well it doesn't get any more modern than the Eurofighter Typhoon This state of the art pride of the RAF is guaranteed to wow the crowds (and possible increase sales in ear plus!).

Laura Richardson returns in her beautiful Pitts Special while Bob Pooler has a new aircraft - an Aviat Husky. We can't wait to see what he can do with it! Meanwhile Team Raven will return with some amazing formation aerobatics and the Breathing Wing Walkers will dazzle the crowds with their mid-air stunts. If that wasn't enough, the Silver Stars Parachute Display team return with their entertaining display, while the Transport Festival will be full of classic vehicles.

The Bob Jones Memorial Airshow returns Sunday 19th June 2016. Further details can be found on the dedicated website.

SOCATA TB10 Tobago

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Following the departure of Bercky, the Severn Valley Aero Group (still the Bercky Group to many of us) have taken receipt of their new aircraft - SOCATA TB10 Tobago.

Photography by Brian Nicholas

Fire engine departure

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Our old fire engine has finally departed. Our Chubb Pursuer was bought by an enthusiast who explained his purchase with “Well, I’ve always fancied a fire engine”. We can’t argue with that!

The Chubb Pursuer (Reynolds Boughton) has been at the airport since 2002. One of only 15 built, it was originally operated at the CAA fire training school in Teesside before moving to Staverton Airport (Gloucester) in 1993. It has a Rolls Royce B81 engine and can hold 1362 litres of water.

In the meantime we have a new fire engine, providing CAT 1 fire cover. It is built around a Land Rover Discovery and is much more agile than the Chubb!

Photography by Brian Nicholas

Bon Voyage Bercky

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Welshpool Airport 003It’s with great sadness that we say goodbye to an aeroplane that has been longer here than the airport.

G-BERC, or Bercky to those who knew him, was bought by Bob Jones, Jim Thomas and others back in 1980 at just three years old. The French-built SOCATA Rallye 150 ST was initially kept at a nearby grass strip but when that closed down Bob needed a solution fast. And so he did what any pilot/farmer would do and build an airport on his land. So, it’s really thanks to Bercky that Welshpool Airport came into being.

During its 35 years here, Bercky has seen as much as any other aeroplane, as the airport grew all around him. Every summer, Bercky went on holiday, visiting Spain, Portugal and the South of France as well as taking Bob and his family to Disneyland Paris. He has also had many pilots, with Jim Thomas flying him to the end.

Bercky now returns to France, to be based in Lyon. We wish him well with his new family and remember fondly all the adventures he gave us.

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