Spring arrival

We are pleased to announce that Spring has finally arrived, and with it our apron is once again busy with visiting aircraft. Below is a selection of our recent visitors.

Photograhy by Brian Nicholas

  • G-SFLY, Diamond DA40 Diamond Star
  • G-BOIR, Cessna 152
  • G-MARKS, Cirrus SR22
  • G-CESZ, CZAW Sportscruiser
  • G-TORA, Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Dusk visitors

With the new year we are pleased to see the evening sun staying out a little longer each night - the only disadvantage is there will be a few less of these beautiful dusk photos from Brian Nicholas.

  • G-WINV, Eurocopter EC155 B1.
  • G-ODSA, Bell 429 (Jet Ranger on steroids), the first VIP for the UK register and only the third in the UK.
  • Cessna catching the last of the day's sun.
  • Our cherished air ambulance returning home.
  • Departing aircraft on our apron.

Lockheed Martin Super Hercules

One of the benefits of having our own airspace is that passing aircraft will let you know in advance that they are passing through and, when asked, are often willing to do a brief fly through. That was the case with this Hercules, which graced us with its presence.

Photography – Brian Nicholas

Winter warmers

Winter may be setting in but the briefest moments of sunshine are enough to send aviators into the sky - and we are pleased to say that it has also set off the shutter on Brian Nicholas's camera:

  • G-WPDD - Eurocopter EC135 P1, checking electric cabling in the area. Although it might seem an extensive way of doing things, the location of the power lines and the advanced equipment on this EC135, make it the most efficient way to check that cables are in good condition.
  • G-BTOE - Brian was a big fan of this Cessna C-165. "A gem, A classic a beautiful aircraft, that's this...four seat cruiser. The last version and most powerful of the Airmaster series in this case a 165 horsepower Warner radial engine. Designed by Dwane Wallace."
  • G-RODC - Steen Skybolt
  • Vans RV-7
  • Piper PA28 Cherokee Warrior
  • Robin R3000

Photography by Brian Nicholas

Gardan GY20 Minicab

Another aircraft snapped by master photographer Brian Nicholas. The GY20 was built by Yves Gardan in post-war France. It went on to win a series of prizes including le Grand Prix Aérien de Vichy.

Photography – Brian Nicholas

Miles Whitney Straight

We were honored to see this Miles Whitney visiting us. Just 50 were built between 1936 and 1937, almost half of which were brought into military service during the second world war as communications aircraft. Just two are still registered in the UK.

Photography – Nick James

Rutan Long-Ez

The Rutan Long-Ez was designed by Burt Rutan and is designed to be ultra fuel efficient with a range of over 2000 miles. Burt Rutan's older brother Dick, flew one of these aircraft around the world with some legs extending to 14 hours.

If you're thinking that this aircraft looks like a spaceship, you're not too far off. After the Long-Ez, Burt Rutan went on to design SpaceShipOne, the first privately funded spaceship. He is now working with Virgin Galactic on a successor model to take paying passengers into space.

Photography - Brian Nicholas

Summons of the Grummans

The 7th annual Grumman fly-in was hosted by Mid-Wales Airport on 8 & 9 September.

Organised by Graham Baker, the weekend saw aircraft arriving from around the UK and beyond. Of course it's hard work flying across the country so after a pub lunch, the group returned to the airport where fish and chips had been laid on. At least they won't go home complaining they weren't fed!

Photography - Brian Nicholas

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