May visitors

Over the bank holiday, our favourite photographer has been taking photos of our residents and visitors, including a beautiful new helicopter for Potter Group.

Photography by Brian Nicholas

  • G-BCSL - The faithful old DHC-1 Chipmunk, this aircraft was built in 1951.
  • G-CFFJ - Flight Design CTSW.
  • G-ATHV - Cessna 150F.
  • G-CENA - Dyn' Aero MCR-01 ULC Bambi.
  • G-AYRT - Reims/Cessna F172K Skyhawk.
  • G-TELA - Cessna 152.
  • G-BAJO - Resident, American Aviation AA-5 Traveller.
  • G-BUYS & G-SELL - These two Robin DR400 Regents could have a lot of fun flying over the City.
  • G-COXI - Xtremeair XA42, G-COXI.  Aerobatic trainer and competition.
  • G-POTR - Welshpool based Potter Group, became a new operator of an Agusta A109E Power, with a very appropriate registration.
  • Stuart Hatheral took delivery of the first registered Spacek SRO SD-1 Minisport in the UK.