297-4775-GBPRM-0825-CF172LSKYHAWK_1024x683Are you in need of an aircraft but haven’t taken the plunge to owning your own? At Mid-Wales Airport we have aircraft available for short-term hire on flexible terms.

We offer a Cessna 172 for just £140 per tacto hour (including fuel and VAT), which equates to around £120 per flying hour for typical usage.

More Cessna 172s have been built than any other aircraft, so any pilot will quickly settle into it. The four-seat design means that you can take the whole family on your adventure. The Cessna 172 is also fitted with NDB, DME and ILS – enabling instrument flying.

Rotary self-hire is also available through Whizzard Helicopters.

For more details call us on 01938 555560 or send us an email.