Weather ballooning

A group of enthusiasts have launched a weather balloon from Welshpool Mid-Wales Airport.

Following the go-ahead from the CAA the group launched the balloon at 8am and set off to track it. As Colin Hardy from the group told us:

“We lost all contact with the payload not too long after take off however, therefore we were running on guesswork and a few hopes and dreams. We drove to Chepstow (as per the prediction that we ran) and hoped for the best that either we would see if fall from the sky, or find it at the side of the road (unlikely!).”

“As it happened, we went home with our tail between our legs and then the following morning we had a call from a chap in Weston Super Mare who had found our box on a hill outside his house. It was only a few miles line of sight from the predicted landing point and probably sailed over our heads while we stopped for breakfast in Chepstow!!”

“We really had fantastic conditions that morning, I think we chose the date spot on. Lovely weather and a great location to launch. All hardware was recovered and we’re now planning the Mark II and III sometime soon!”

Above is the video that the group made – check out the launch around four minutes in.